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Match & Conquer, Video Game & Tabletop Game Dating


LoveMaze: Join Our Tribe. Connect Through Shared Activities.. 

For those who are interested in finding your “partner in crime/game” effectively, we have a special “Match & Play” section set up for you. Sign up on LoveMaze to test your compatibilities before the event. Then detect in real life and see the results. At the event, you’ll be matched up based on LoveMaze’s award winning proprietary algorithm. This is no joke. There is a lot of science going into it. We love games because we can’t help playing ourselves in the imagination. Researches have proven the connection between gaming and personality. Who is the strategist, who is the caregiver, who is the competitor, who is the calculator, who is the sour loser… It’s surprising how much you can learn about a person by observing his/her gaming style, and sense the fit between the two of you. If you like someone in games, you’ve started off on a higher ground. With the help of LoveMaze, gaming becomes a powerful tool to form a meaningful partnership. Sign up and experience the wonder! JOIN and RSVP today, before all the spots are taken and your ideal partner becomes someone else’s candidate: https://enter.thelovemaze.com

You have to RSVP on LoveMaze to make the partnering workPay to RSVP on LoveMaze to enjoy member exclusive price with NO transaction fee: https://public.thelovemaze.com. You will need to bring a working smart phone with data connection. More information on LoveMaze: https://thelovemaze.com.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovemazeparty/ 

About LoveMaze: Backed by scientific research and Nobel Prize winning Stable Matching theory, and as one of the candidates to win a Social Impact grant, the LoveMaze Application provides singles with a powerful tool to identify the winning mate for a long term happy relationship.

Join LoveMaze, become a maze runner, pick up keys and tools, finish tasks with different partners (online virtual dates+real life activities), detect connections, find the optimal match in each event, eventually reach your stable match to win a happy life together.  https://thelovemaze.com  


Offside Tavern
137 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
New York

Dates and time:

Start: 2019-05-22 19:00:00
End: 2019-05-22 21:00:00

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